The SmartAider (smart sticker) is a privacy protection smart mover (combine smart ticker with mobile APP) launched by Tianjin CREATBEST Corporation at the time of its 10th anniversary. With the innovative application of proprietary intellectual property right, it has obtained the Chinese patent. The car owner only needs to place the sticker and activate it, in case that the car is blocked or it is urgent to contact the owner or relative in case of traffic accident, anyone only needs to scan the smart sticker QR code, and the car owner or relative will receive the tips by ring, vibration andmessage. The personal information of the car owner will not be disclosed to ensure the information security. The SmartAider is a magic tool to contact the car owner through APP, which can be available for global vehicles. Those moving the car do not need to install any client to solve problem, while it is safer and more efficient, and it will take only 3 seconds to contact the car owner!

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As a small and exquisite car plate with super ability, from the moment when I was born, I have shouldered a glorious and great task: to bring good enjoy to all people.
My biggest advantage is that I have no disadvantage, I'm bound to be a partner of car, and am integrated with the favor of thousands of car owners. I'm great and glorious for pasting!



  • Parking
  • Traffic accident
  • Car pulling and moving

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